A History of Indian Logic

Ancient, Medieval and Modern Schools, Vidyabhusana, S. C., Motilal Banarsidass, Pages: 690, Hardcover, Dust jacket, English, Sanskrit, Year: 1988, Minor aesthetic blemishes, Bulgaria
The author has in this work clearly marked the principal stages of Indian logic in the vast period of about two thousand years beginning from 640 and has traced how from Anviksiki, the science of analytic debate, Indian logic has developed into the science of knowledge, Pramana-sastra, and then into the science of formal argumentative logic - Tarka-sastra.
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My object in this volume is to write the history of what is called Nyaya, one of the six schools into which orthodox philosophy in India is divided. The word logic, although it is in common parlance held synonymous with Indian Nyaya, is not exactly identical with it. Logic covers some of the subjects of Nyaya as well as Vasesika and is not co-extensive with either.

The treatment of the subject is both historical and critical. The author has traced some Greek influence on indian logic. For instance he has shown how the five membered syllogism of Aristotle found its way through Alexandria Syria and other countries into Taxila and got amalgamated with the Nyaya doctrine of inference.

The book is one of the pioneer works on the subjects. It has drawn on original sources exhaustively. Besides the preface introduction, foreword and table of contents the work contains several appendices and indexes.

Introduction. Foreword by Sir Asutosh Mukerjee.

I. The Ancient school of Indian logic

i. Anviksiki the science of inquiry (650 B.C. 100 A.D.)
1. The growth et anviksiki into an art of debate.
2. The teachers of Anviksiki (Philosophy and logic).
3. The doctrines of anviksiki.
4. Reception accorded to anviksiki.

ii. Nyaya sastra the science of true reasoning
1. The growth of Nyayasastra.
2. Contents of the Nyaya sutra.
3. Commentaries the am Nyaya sutra.
4. The Nyaya recognized as a branch of orthodox learning.

II. The mediaeval school of Indian logic called Pramanasastra the science of right knowledge

i. Jaina Logic
1. Topics of logic mentioned in the Jaina canons.
2. Early Jaina writers on logic.
3. Jaina writers on systematic logic.
4. Continuity of Jaina logic.

ii. The Buddhist logic
1. Topics of logic mentioned in the old Buddhist literature.
2. Early Buddhist writers on logic.
3. Systematic Buddhist writers on logic.
4. The decline of Buddhist logic.

III. The Modern school of Indian logic

i. Prakarana manual of logic
1. The Nyaya Prakarana reduces its categories.
2. Nyaya prakaranas embodying Vaisesika categories.
3. The Vaisesika Prakarana embodying the Nyaya category of Pramana.
4. Works treating of certain topics of the Nyaya and certain topics of the Vaisesika.

ii. Tarka-sastra the science of dialectics
1. Formation of the Tarka sastra.
2. Tattva cintamani the earliest work on Tarka Sastra.
3. Commentaries on the Tattva Cintamani.
4. Present state of the science of dialectics.



Author :
Vidyabhusana, S. C.
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  • Delhi
  • Patna
  • Varanasi
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Motilal Banarsidass
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  • 8120805658
  • Hardcover
  • Dust jacket
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  • English
  • Sanskrit
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  • Minor aesthetic blemishes
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