The Lover Within

Accessing the Lover in the Male Psyche, Moore, Robert, Gillette, Douglas, William Morrow & Co., Pages: 288, Hardcover, Dust jacket, English, Year: 1993, Signed, Bulgaria
Shows men how to experience their amorous urges without feeling overwhelmed or emasculated by them. A Jungian perspective.
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In this final volume in the four-book series that began with The King Within, Jungian analyst Moore and mythologist Gillette, a counselor, examine the Lover archetype within the male psyche (the others are the King, the Warrior, and the Magician - each examined in a previous volume). The authors trace how the Lover - the feeling side of men's nature - gives rise to passion, creativity and the pursuit of pleasure. Through the Lover's energy, the conscious mind may encounter the personal and collective unconscious. However, the authors contend, because many men fear being consumed - and thus emasculated - by the Lover's energy, they suppress their feelings and creative instincts. At the opposite extreme, a man can become possessed by the Lover, which then manifests itself as an addictive personality (whether to alcohol, drugs, food or relationships). A potpourri of Jungian theory and mythology, with anecdotes from Moore's workshops and private practice, this book attempts to show men how to get in touch with their inner Lover and use its energies without becoming consumed by them. Careful notes supply documentation for the authors' statements. 
Author :
Moore, Robert
Co-authors :
  • Gillette, Douglas
Place :
  • New York
Publisher :
William Morrow & Co.
Pages :
  • 0688095933
  • 9780688095932
  • Hardcover
  • Dust jacket
Language :
  • English
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Notes :
  • Signed
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Having read the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover and The King Within books, I finally got my hands into this Lover book. This is the last book of the series and I’ve not read the Warrior Within and Magician Within books yet. However, as a book it stands very well alone as well there was only a few references to the earlier books.

As a book it’s rather quick read: only about 200 pages plus the appendixes.
I hoped to understand the human psyche a little bit better and certainly the understanding the mature male archetypes is a lot better after reading this.

Some takeaways for me:
1. Not “to be or not be”, rather “how to be in an enjoyable relationship with another.”
2. Addiction: “whatever the physical cost, individual believes his addiction to be worth it.”

It’s both theoretical and practical book. If you have enjoyed the King, Magician, Warrior, Lover and want to know more, you will enjoy this one as well.
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