The Six Systems of Indian Philosophy

Muller, F. Max, Chaukhamba, Pages: 508, Hardcover, English, Year: 1971, Delaminated neck binding, Bulgaria
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More recentlv the excellent publications of Pro fessors Deussen and Garbe in Germany, and of Dr. G. Thibaut in India, have given a new impulse to these important studies, important not only in the eyes of Sanskrit scholars by profession, but of all who wish to become acquainted with all the solutions which the most highly gifted races of mankind have proposed for the eternal riddles of the world. These studies, to quote the words of a high authority, have indeed ceased to be the hobby of a few indi viduals, and have become a subject of interest to the whole nation.

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Introductory chapter.--The Vedas.--The systems of philosophy.--Vedanta or Uttara-Mimamsa.--Purva Mimamsa.--Samkhya philosophy.--Yoga-philosophy.--Nyaya-Vaiseshika.--Vaiseshika philosophy

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Author :
Muller, F. Max
Place :
  • Varanasi
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Pages :
  • Hardcover
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  • English
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  • Delaminated neck binding
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