Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies Vol. 6

Indian Philosophical Analysis. Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika up to Gaṅgeśa and Raghunātha Śiromaṇi, Potter, Karl, Vacaspati Misra, Udayana, Ratnakara, Raghunatha Siromani, Gangesa, Motilal Banarsidass, Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Pages: 682, Hardcover, Dust jacket, English, Year: 2001, Bulgaria
Karl H. Potter - a former professor of Philosophy and South Asian Studies at the University of Washington is Seattle, and General Editor of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies. The scope of these volumes is limited to summaries of the texts that are of philosophical interest throughout, theoretical rather than practical in their intended function, and polemical or at least expository in a context where defense of one view among alternatives is appropriate.
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The second part on the Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika system takes up where Volume II of the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies left off, in the early fourteenth century with the pivotal figure of Gaṅgeśa, author of Tattvacintāmaṇi. It covers what we know of the history of the school up to and including Raghunātha Śiromaṇi, who flourished (we estimate) about 1510. In the two centuries covered there are some 50 authors whose names have come down to us as identifiable as having lived in this period, who are held to be responsible for some 98 works expounding or defending the principles of Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika.

Beginning in 1350, in regions that are now Bihar and Bengal in northeast India, there was produced a vast literature embodying a methodology that not only provides a high point in Indian philosophy but also became extremely influential in many other branches of Indian thought, including law, jurisprudence, and literary theory. This volume, the sixth in Karl Potter's monumental series, deals with that literature. Thirty-three works by fifty authors dating from 1350 to 1510 represent the philosophy of Nyaya-Vaisesika in the early stages of what was to become known as Navyanyaya, the "new" Nyaya. An extensive introduction is included. The major works treated in this volume are Gaṅgeśa's initial masterpiece, Tattvacintamani, and its remarkable commentary by Raghunatha Siromani.

Perhaps the most dramatic development from the time of elder Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika to our period of Navyanyāya concerns the treatment of relations. The tendency in old Nyāya was to conceive of relations as entities belonging to one or another of the Vaiśeṣika categories. Thus inherence (samavāya) is counted as one of the seven fundamental categories (padārtha) of classical Vaiśeṣika, while contact (saṃyoga) and disjunction (vibhāga) are viewed as types of the second category, of qualities (guṇa). As time goes by there is a growing realization that each and every individual falling into one of the categories sustains relations with other individuals.Concern with theory of knowledge is high during the period we are surveying in this volume. We have already seen, in Chapter Two of this Introduction, how Navyanaiyāyikas develop a highly technical method of limitors and self-linking connectors to accomplish quantification and other procedures for precise reference. In a broad sense of “epistemology” all these concerns fall within its purview, but we forbear to repeat them here.

It is to inference (anumāna) that Navya-nyāya devotes its most innovative efforts. The innovations are not so much in theory as in method. Notable among methodological innovations is the remarkable increase in complexity of analysis, using abstract relations of the kind described in Chapter 2 of this introduction. The methods developed using these abstract relations have a general application that stretches far beyond the theory of inference. They were commandeered by the leading practitioners of many scientifically studied subjects. To understand medieval discussions of topics as disparate as jurisprudence, medicine and linguistics it is essential to master the technical terminology...

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Potter, Karl
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  • Gangesa
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  • Ratnakara
  • Udayana
  • Vacaspati Misra
  • Bhattachatyya, S.
  • Potter, Karl H.
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Motilal Banarsidass
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Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies
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