Moral Dilemmas in the Mahābhārata

Matilal, B. K., Della Santina, P., Kulkarni, S. M., Agrawal, M. M., Rukmani, T. S., Motilal Banarsidass, Pages: 170, Hardcover, Dust jacket, English, Year: 1989, Signed by the author, Bulgaria
There is something rather special about the role of epic literature in Indian life. Is it the antiquity of the text that holds people in thrall or is it not rather the characters, many of whom are undoubtedly of archetypal stature? The situations in which an Agamemnon, or a Brutus found themselves do not seem to have gripped the imagination in the way in which the fate of a Sita, a Draupadi or a Yudhisthira haunts us. Are such epic heroes and heroines role models for everyday life? Is there something universal about the dilemmas in which they found themselves? These questions are worth discussing.
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The collected papers explore the whole question of the relation between the mythopoetic and the moral in the context of the Mahabharata. Here we have a story of extreme complexity, characters that are unforgettable and a cosmic context in which gods and men alike grapple with destiny. The obligations of kinship and friendship jostle with each other. The women characters, as in everyday life, seem to bear a very heavy load of the burden of life and to stand in a key position in almost every conflict. We are presented with predicaments at every turn. At times these predicaments seem to be aggravated by social structure. At other times they are cushioned by it. Philosophical tangles tied up with karma and dharma are interwoven with the mythopoetic material. Perhaps philosophical issues are pinpointed rather more than they are in Greek epic literature. The essays in this book treat the Mahabharata from an unusual angle, fastening on the moral dilemmas it presents. How universal are the dilemmas faced by the characters in the story and are the dilemmas in fact resolved?

In dealing with these questions, the discussions range over the meaning of the purusarthas, the institutions of marriage and the family, the concept of action in the Gita and the special predicaments faced by Draupadi, Arjuna and others. These studies invite the scholar to reflect afresh on the text and encourage the general reader to find in epic literature much that is relevant to life today.



Preface vii
Introduction Ix
Moral Dilemmas: insights from Indian Epics
Bimal Krishna Matilal
Moral Dilemmas in the Mahabharata
T. S. Rukmani
The Concept of Moral Dilemma: Its applicability in the context of he Mahabharata
S. P. Dubey
A note on Moral Dilemmas in the Mahabharata
K. Kunjunni Raja
The Meaning of the Purusarthas in the Mahabharata 
Y. Krishan
The Socio-Moral Implications of Draupadi's Marriage to Five Husbands
A. N. Jani
La Guerre de Kuruksetra n'Aura Pas Lieu: Udyog Reconsidered
Amiya Dev
Marriage and Family in the Mahabharata: Some aspects
S. G. Kantawala
Conception of dharma in the Sramanical and Brahmanical Traditions: Buddhism and the Mahabharata
Peter Della Santina
Reflections on the Concept of Action in the Gita
S. Paul Kashap
Arjuna's Moral Predicament
M. M. Agrawal
Arjuna Visadayoga 
E. R. Sarma
An unresolved Dilemma in Dyuta-Parvan; A Question Raised by Draupadi
S. M. Kulkarni
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  • Della Santina, P.
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  • Rukmani, T. S.
  • Matilal, B. K.
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Motilal Banarsidass
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