Pramanavarttikam of Dharmakirti

Svārthanumāna, Inference for Oneself, Dharmakirti, Nava Nalanda, Pages: 139, Paperback, Sanskrit, English, Year: 1964, Blemishes on the jacket, Bulgaria
The Pramanavarttika is written in about 2,000 verse stanzas. The four chapters deal, respectively, with inference for oneself (svarthanumana), valid knowledge (pramanasiddhi), perception (pratyaksa), and inference for others (pararthanumana). The work is a commentary on an earlier work by the Buddhist logician Dignaga, the Pramanasamuccaya.
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The first chapter discusses the structure and types of formal inference and the apoha (exclusion) theory of meaning. Dan Arnold writes that apoha is: "the idea that concepts are more precise or determinate (more contentful) just to the extent that they exclude more from their purview; the scope of cat is narrower than that of mammal just insofar as the former additionally excludes from its range all mammals in the world that are not cats." In the latter half of this chapter, Dharmakīrti also mounts an attack on Brahmanism, the authority of the Vedas, Brahmins and their use of mantras, and the system of caste (see Eltschinger 2000).He also discusses the role of scripture, which he sees as fallible and yet important for their discussion of “radically inaccessible things” (atyantaparokṣa) such as karma.
Author :
  • Mookerji, S.
  • Nagasaki, H.
Place :
  • Patna
Publisher :
Nava Nalanda
Pages :
  • Paperback
Language :
  • English
  • Sanskrit
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Notes :
  • Blemishes on the jacket
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