Bhagavad Gita Bhasya of Sri Sankaracarya

With Text in Devanagari and English Rendering, Sankara Acarya, Vyasa, Ramakrishna Math, Pages: 702, Paperback, English, Sanskrit, Year: 1983, Bulgaria
The translator, Dr. A.G. Krishna Warrier, is a retired Professor of Sanskrit and Tagore Professor of the Kerala University. He is an accomplished scholar in Vedanta Philosophy as well as in modern Western Philosophy.
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Srimad Bhagavad Gita is now widely recognized as a Scriptural Text of worldwide importance. It was Sri Sankaracharya who first brought it out into prominence from the vast mass of Mahabharata literature, fixed its contents to the seven hundred verses that now constitute it, and produced the first extant commentary on it. Not only that, he gave it the status of one of the Prasthanas (Foundation Texts) of Vedanta, and the lead he thus gave has been accepted by all succeeding Acharyas of even schools of Vedanta that are opposed to his school. Therefore, for all lovers of the Gita the interpretation that the great Acharya gave to this Text is of great importance. The present work, giving both the Sanskrit text of Sankara's commentary and its exact but lucid English translation by Dr. A.G. Krishna Warrier, is an attempt to meet the needs both of Sanskrit scholars, and of those who can approach the contents of the commentary only through the help of the English language.



Preface vii
Introduction ix
List of Abbreviations xvii
Gita Dhyanam xix
Commentator's Introduction 1
I. Arjuna's Despondency 6
II. Samkhya Yoga 16
III. Karma Yoga 92
IV. Jnana-Karma-Samnyasa Yoga 134
V. Yoga on Renunciation 181
VI. The Yoga of Meditation 213
VII. The Yoga of Knowledge and Realisation 252
VIII. The Yoga of Concentration 274
IX. The Yoga of the Royal Science of the Royal Mystery 295
X. The Yoga of God's Manifested Powers 321
XI. The Yoga of the Vision of the Cosmic Form 346
XII. The Yoga of Devotion 384
XIII. The Yoga of the Field and the Field-knower 402
XIV. The Yoga of the Three Constituents 468
XV. The Yoga of the Supreme Spirit 490
XVI. The Yoga of the Division of Attributes, Divine and Demoniac 511
XVII. The Yoga of Threefold Faith 529
XVIII. The Yoga of Liberation and Renunciation 548
Appendix: Index to First Lines of Slokas 641
Author :
Sankara Acarya
Co-authors :
  • Vyasa
  • Krishna Warrior, A. G.
Place :
  • Madras
Publisher :
Ramakrishna Math
Pages :
  • Paperback
Language :
  • English
  • Sanskrit
Year :
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